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Viking Johnson Eccentric Plug Valve can be used for a wide variety of flow control and isolation applications including potable and dirty water, sludge, slurries, mud, cement, air and other demanding services.

The design characteristic of the eccentric plug valve ensure that during operation the valve plug rotates away from the seat until the final few degrees of rotation, this ensures that minimal wear occurs to the seat / valve face and is ideally suited to abrasive demanding applications.

Viking Johnson Eccentric Plug Valves are available from 50mm (2”) through to 900 mm (36”) flanged drillings: PN10, Pn16, ANSI b16.1 Class 125 and 250.

The Eccentric Plug is trunnion supported and fully encapsulated in an elastomeric polymer, material selected to suit service. The valve body is fully internally and externally epoxy coated as standard and can be offered with the option of rubber lining. Valve seats are Nickel welded for enhanced erosion and corrosion resistance. Bearing are stainless steel permanently lubricated offering lower operating torque.

Valves can be supplied with various manual and actuated options to meet client’s specification. Please refer to AR Valve Resources for full details for the advantages of Viking Johnson Eccentric Plug valves.

Valves available from UK Mainland stock.

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