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Figure 55

  • Manufacturer: EMERSON
  • Valve Type: Butterfly Valves - Rubber Lined / High Performance / Triple Offset
  • Sub-Type: Keystone Butterfly Valves
  • The centric disc offers bidirectional service and allows with its symmetric shape high Kv (Cv) values.
  • Dry shaft design.
  • The inside body is protected by a bonded rubber liner extending over the flanges.
  • A secondary sealing is provided by the interference fit between shaft and shafthole in seat at all positions.
  • Dirtscraper prevents moisture penetrating into the shaft area.
  • Bubble-tight shut off at full pressure rating.
  • Rounded, polished disc edge provides concentric sealing.
  • Excellent performance in media with sedimentation and contamination.
  • Flat facing for GRP flanges as option.


Waterwork industries where a double flanged valve is required. • Fire fighting systems. • Sea water applications. • For drinking water applications a certified EPDM compound and certified coatings available. • Approvals: KIWA, KTW, WRC, PED/CE, FDA.


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