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Figure 634

  • Manufacturer: EMERSON
  • Valve Type: Butterfly Valves - Rubber Lined / High Performance / Triple Offset
  • Sub-Type: Keystone Butterfly Valves
  • Robust construction.
  • Bi-directional slurry control valve.
  • Swing through disc for minimum leakage.
  • Extensive size range available.
  • Wafer style body.
  • Adjustable PTFE gland packing.
  • Standardized mounting and drive adaptor connection allowing direct mounting of Keystone actuators and also allows for actuator removal while valve in line.
  • Full repairability with replaceable internals that can significantly extend valve life.
  • Other coatings available for chemical and abrasive substances.
  • F634 037 features SSEC coating to prevent scaling, prevent against corrosion and improve wear resistance.


The F634 is a light/medium duty slurry control valve, short body style. For control of liquids, gases and light slurries.• F634 037 - Scaling service control valve• F634 039 - Slurry control valve • F634 037 is ideally suited for use on green liquor, spent liquor or pregnant liquor service in the alumina industry or other scaling applications. • F634 039 is suited for the control of liquids, gases and light/medium duty slurries.


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