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TESCOMâ„¢ Wega Corrosive Pressure Regulator

  • Manufacturer: TESCOM
  • Valve Type: Tescom Regulators
  • Sub-Type:
  • Captured bonnet for the use of corrosive gases, leak-tight construction, safe and reliable
  • Effective purging due to integrated shut-off valve and check valve, low purge gas consumption, minimized risk of corrosion
  • Based on 44-2200 and 44-2800 Series regulators
  • Dual-stage version available as an option (44-3400 Series)
  • Multiple outlet connections are available


WEGA Corrosive Gases and Purging cylinder pressure regulators are designed with a captured bonnet for use with corrosive gases and gas mixtures (based on the highly reliable 44-2200 and 44-2800 Series regulator technology). Dual-stage version is available. Ideal for use in reduction of high pressure gases in storage cylinders to a low operating pressure.


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