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ASCO Series 068 Proportional Valve

  • Manufacturer: ASCO NUMATICS
  • Valve Type: Proportional
  • Sub-Type:
  • Flapper proportional valves are designed to proportionally control the flow of neutral or aggressive liquids and gases by varying the electrical input signal to the coil
  • Reduced heat transfer between control mechanism and fluid make them ideal for use with heat-sensitive reagents and biological samples
  • Hysteresis (<20%), excellent repeatability (<5%), and high sensitivity (<1%) make these valves ideal for high precision flow control of liquids
  • Meets all relevant CE directives, and are RoHS compliant
  • Typical applications include Chromatography, DNA sequencing, In-vitro diagnostics, and industrial liquid analyzers


Series 068 fluid isolation solenoid valves are suitable for use with neutral or aggressive liquids and gases. The isolation design and use of high-quality materials (PEEK and FFPM/FPM/EPDM) prevents fluid contamination. The special flapper mechanism and large orifice sizes (0,8 to 4 mm) allow high pressures (up to 10 bar). A power-save connector lowers the holding power down to 1,5 watts, thus minimising the heat transfer into the fluid.


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