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ENARDO Model 2500

  • Manufacturer: ENARDO
  • Valve Type: ENARDO
  • Sub-Type: Emergency Pressure Relief Vents
  • Pressure setting:
  • 4.0 to 16.0 oz/in. 2 (0.5 increments)
  • 7.0 to 27.0 in. H20 (0.5 increments)
  • (16.0 to 138.0 mbar – 2.2 mbar increments)
  • Vacuum setting: ?0.5, 0.75, 1.0 and 2.0 oz./sq. in.
  • Advanced seal technology exceeds the most stringent industrial standards
  • Housing material: carbon steel and stainless steel
  • Corrosion-resistant coatings available for the most severe applications
  • Size: ANSI 16 (400) to 24 (600); API 20 (500) to 24 (600)
  • All components fully field replaceable, including pallet seal


ENARDO Model 2500 Emergency Relief Vents with Vacuum provide an emergency pressure relief opening for storage tanks when exposed to overpressures not handled by standard tank vents. When properly sized, this vent provides the capacity meet API Standard 2000 NFPA 30 and OSHA (29 CFR 1910.106) for emergency venting due to fire exposure, and offers high-capacity vacuum flow for emergency pump-out of product. The Model 2500 also provides quick, easy access for tank inspection and maintenance. ENARDO Emergency Pressure Relief Vents are designed with a hinged cover that begins to open at the predetermined setting and relieves excess pressure. When the overpressure dissipates, the cover reseals tightly onto the base. The hinge mechanism prevents misalignment and provides an accurate reseat. When excessive vacuum builds within the storage tank, the spring-loaded pallet lifts, allowing vapors to pass through the valve orifice and relieving the vacuum buildup. For pressure relief only with no vacuum, see ENARDO’s Model 2000 or Model 2100.


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