Fisher® easy-e ET

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Fisher® easy-e ET

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easy-e ET, EAT, and ETR general-purpose control valves are used for throttling or on-off control of a wide variety of liquids and gases. All three valve designs have single ports, balanced valve plugs, and cage guiding. Metal-to-PTFE seating for stringent shutoff requirements is standard in all valves except those with CavitrolT III cages. Metal-to-metal seating for higher temperatures is standard for valves with Cavitrol III cages and optional for all other valves. The temperature limits of ET valves can be extended above 232°C (450°F) by using PEEK anti-extrusion rings in combination with a spring-loaded PTFE seal.

  • Manufacturer: Fisher
  • Valve Type: Control Valves
  • Sub-Type: Fisher Control Valves
  • Compliance with the Clean Air Act
  • PTFE Seating for Long-Lasting Shutoff Capability
  • Valve Plug Stability
  • Cost-Effective Operation and Maintenance Economy
  • Compliance with European Standards
  • Sour Service Capability