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Fisher® FIELDVUE DVC6200 Digital Valve Controller

  • Manufacturer: FISHER
  • Valve Type: Digital Valve Controllers
  • Sub-Type: FISHER DVC6200
  • Linkage-Less Non-Contact Position Feedback
  • Built to Survive
  • Accurate and Responsive
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Faster Commissioning
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Hardware Savings
  • Increased Uptime
  • Improved Maintenance Decisions


This instrument provides one platform for any pneumatic actuator application. The DVC6200 can be installed on sliding-stem, rotary, single- or double-acting actuators. The advantages of FIELDVUE instruments include: Improved control - Two-way digital communications give you current valve conditions. You can rely on real-time information to make sound process management decisions. Enhanced safety - You can check instrument and valve operation and keep the process running smoothly and safely from a remote location. Your exposure to hazardous environments is minimized and you can avoid having to access hard-to-reach valve locations. Environmental protection - You can avoid additional field wiring by connecting a leak detector or limit switch to the auxiliary terminals in the FIELDVUE digital valve controller. In this way, the instrument will issue an alert if limits are exceeded. Built to survive - Field-tough FIELDVUE digital valve controllers have fully encapsulated printed wiring boards that resist the effects of vibration. temperature, and corrosive atmospheres. A separate weather-tight field wiring terminal box isolates field-wiring connections from other areas of the instrument. Increased uptime - With the self-diagnostic capability of the FIELDVUE digital valve controller, you can answer questions about valve performance, without pulling the valve from the line. Faster commissioning - The two-way communication capability allows you to quick commission loops by remotely identifying each instrument, verifying its calibration, reviewing stored maintenance notes, and more.


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