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Fisher™ EZL Series Pressure Reducing Regulator

  • Manufacturer: FISHER
  • Valve Type: Fisher Regulators
  • Sub-Type: Fisher Commercial / Industrial Regulators
  • Low Differential Applications—Can accurately control at pressure differentials as low as 2.9 psid / 0,2 bar d
  • Bubble-Tight Shutoff—A knife-edged metal plug and soft seat provide bubble tight shutoff for use in applications where positive shutoff is required such as dead-end systems.
  • Absolutely No Atmospheric Bleed—Eliminates nuisance and wasteful bleed gas to atmosphere by utilizing a pilot-operated control system, which bleeds 100% of the gas to the downstream system.
  • Easy In-Line Maintenance—Top entry design enables easier maintenance. Trim parts can be inspected, cleaned and replaced without removing the body from pipeline.
  • Precise Pressure Control—Provides stable and accurate downstream pressure control regardless of load changes or inlet pressure variations.
  • Travel Indicator—Simplifies in-service inspection and system troubleshooting
  • Full Pressure Rating—The equal inlet and outlet pressure rating of 290 psig / 20 bar, which allows easier selection and requires no special startup or shutdown procedures.
  • Integral Slam Shut Configurations—Type EZLOSX interrupts gas service during an overpressure or underpressure condition.


Fisher EZL Series regulators are accurate pilot-operated, pressure balanced, soft-seated regulators. They are designed for use in natural gas distribution applications such as district regulating stations and commercial/industrial meter sets. They provide low differential, smooth, reliable operation, tight shutoff and long life.


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