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Fisher™ RSS Lined Globe Valve

  • Manufacturer: FISHER
  • Valve Type: Fisher Control Valves - Control valves are valves used in pipelines to control operating conditions such as flow, pressure, temperature, and liquid level by fully or partially opening or closing in response to a process signal. Fisher®, BaumannT, and POSI-SEALT
  • Sub-Type: Fisher Control Valves
  • The perfluoroalkoxy resin-lined assembly provides corrosion protection by shielding metal parts from the process media, making it ideal for controlling severely corrosive media.
  • Because all metal parts are shielded from the process fluid, the use of expensive alloys is not necessary.
  • The top entry design eases in-line maintenance.
  • The PTFE bellows seal is leak tight and, with proper use and maintenance, can have an expected life cycle exceeding 500,000 full stroke cycles.


The Fisher RSS valve is intended for use in applications involving severely corrosive and toxic flowing media, and is well-suited for pure media applications, as well. The RSS valve body provides an economical alternative to alloy valve bodies in a wide variety of applications.


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