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Fisher Type 1190 Low-Pressure Gas Blanketing Regulator

  • Manufacturer: FISHER
  • Valve Type: Tank Blanketing Valves
  • Sub-Type:
  • Quick-Change Trim Package
  • Easy In-Line Maintenance
  • Factory-Piped Pilot Supply
  • 1/4-inch w.c. / 0,6 mbar Setpoint
  • Whisper Trim Cage
  • Position Monitor Bracket (PMB) available


Type 1190 low-pressure gas blanketing valve is a pilot-operated, pressure reducing valve with a supply pressure regulator. This valve is used for extremely accurate pressure control on very low pressure gas blanketing systems. Type 1190 helps to control emissions and provides protection against any contamination from atmospheric conditions by providing a flushing action. Type 1190 gas blanketing valve maintains a positive vessel pressure thereby reducing the possibility of vessel wall collapse during pumpout operations. A Position Monitor Bracket (PMB) is available for the Type 1190 to mount the 4300 Series Wireless Position Monitors to the travel indicator. The PMB mounting kit is compatible with both Topworx 4310 and Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitors.


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