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Fisher Type ACE95Jr Tank Blanketing Valve

  • Manufacturer: FISHER
  • Valve Type: Tank Blanketing Valves
  • Sub-Type:
  • Fully Balanced Plug Design Reduces Inlet Pressure Sensitivity
  • Stainless Steel Construction Available
  • High Sensitivity
  • Self-Contained
  • Bubble Tight Shutoff
  • Vacuum Settings Available


Type ACE95Jr is a direct-operated valve used for accurate pressure control on low-pressure blanketing systems. The unit is stainless steel, and actuated by a very large diaphragm actuator. Blanketing setpoint is controlled by a single adjusting screw. The oversized actuator offers high sensitivity to changes in tank pressure, increasing accuracy. A rolling diaphragm is utilized to maintain a fully balanced main valve, insuring extremely accurate operation under all conditions. Lockup is typically less than 0.3 inches w.c. / 1,2 mbar. The main valve stroke is minimal to further insure accuracy and fast response.


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