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Fisherâ„¢ V250

  • Manufacturer: FISHER
  • Valve Type: Ball Valves
  • Sub-Type: Fisher Vee-Ball Valves
  • Tapered-polygon ball-to-shaft connection and clamped splined actuator connection remove lost motion or deadband from the drive train.
  • Reduced ball port design provides a modified equal percentage flow characteristic and an excellent response characteristic.
  • Materials are available for applications handling sour service. These materials comply with the requirements of NACE MR0175-2002.
  • Pressure-balanced drive shaft design with PTFE-lined bearings and pressure-assisted shaft sealing arrangement provides for a long life of reliable service.
  • Two-piece ball and shaft assembly allows for complete trim overhaul; parts replacement is kept to a minimum.
  • The optional live-loaded packing system is designed with very smooth shaft surfaces and live loading to provide excellent sealing.


The Fisher V250 control valve is a heavy-duty, flangeless throttling ball valve often used to control flow in gas transmission lines, gas distribution, and liquid pipelines. Available with a single ball seal, flow ring, or dual-seal construction.


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