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Model CompoSeal

  • Manufacturer: EMERSON
  • Valve Type: Butterfly Valves - Rubber Lined / High Performance / Triple Offset
  • Sub-Type: Keystone Butterfly Valves
  • Patented wafer style body and disc in high engineered composite results in excellent internal and external chemical resistance.
  • Light weight construction results in lower cost and simplified installation.
  • No extra pipe support needed when installed in plastic or GRP piping.
  • Disc in high engineered composite material provides excellent corrosion resistance.
  • All fasteners in stainless steel 316 as standard.
  • Bubble tight shut-off in both directions, in accordance with EN 12266-1 leakrate A.
  • Pressure range up to PN 16 at elevated temperature.
  • Valve can be used in high line velocity applications up to 12 m/sec.
  • Spindle and primary valve seals are not influenced by the flange bolting force or pipe flange type.
  • Certified and approved according Det Norske Veritas (DNV).


Resilient seated butterfly valves with valve body and disc in high engineered composite material providing excellent internal and external chemical resistance Since the entire valve exists of high engineered composite materials, it is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications such as; building services, hot water applications, industrial waste water and industrial water treatment like purification, ozone or demineralization. The light weight valve can be perfectly used in transportation and cargo containers and in applications using metal, plastic or glass reinforced pipe lines.


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