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Model HiLok

  • Manufacturer: EMERSON
  • Valve Type: Butterfly Valves - Rubber Lined / High Performance / Triple Offset
  • Sub-Type: Keystone Butterfly Valves
  • Cast on ISO top plate.
  • Long neck for insulation service.
  • External travel stop, outside of the medium area.
  • Accessible packing adjustment without operator removal.
  • Positive sealing which is mechanically achieved and does not rely on line pressure assistance.
  • Bidirectional shut-off performance.
  • Available in soft, fire-safe and metal seated.
  • Long life durability due to double offset operating principle minimizing seat wear.
  • Two piece shaft for maximum flow and minimum headloss.
  • Quadruple shaft bearings to ensure stability during high pressure, high cycle applications.


The HiLok high performance butterfly valves offer efficient, bidirectional sealing A unique valve for chemical and general industrial applications. Grease or silicone free valves available for special applications such as paint or oxygen systems.


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