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MultiPort Plug Valve

  • Manufacturer: VIKING JOHNSON
  • Valve Type: Plug Valve
  • Sub-Type: Viking Johnson MultiPort Plug Valve


Valves up to and including DN200 are supplied with a 50mm square drive for use with optional removable levers Gear or actuator operation is available Internally epoxy coated Elastomer faced plug Flanges drilled to BS EN 1092 PN16 Variety of flange drillings available Nitrile faced plug Optional Neoprene faced plug Flange drillings: PN10, PN16, ANSI Product Design Benefits 1. Body Valve body casting uses pressure moulding techniques for consistent quality and precision. Flange diameter and thickness conform to ANSI B 16.1 Class 125. Flange drillings PN10, PN16, ANSI 2. Seat The Multiport valve employs a corrosion and abrasion resistant epoxy seat on all sizes 3. Stem Seal Multiple self-adjusting ā€œUā€ cup seals are used to prevent stem leakage and provide years of trouble free service 4. Bearings The plug rotates in oil impregnated sintered 316 grade stainless steel bearings located in both the body and bonnet 5. Plug supported on integral trunnions, the solid ductile iron tapered plug is faced with any of a variety of elastomers that are vulcanized in place and ground to size. Plug position and shut off is controlled by use of adjustment gland attached to the plug shaft 6. Bonnet Seal Superior ā€˜Oā€™ ring sealing with metal/metal contact means lower stresses compared to traditional compression gaskets 7. Flow The wide port design with streamlined internal contours allows for a high capacity flow in the full open position reducing turbulence and pressure drop through the valve 8. Position Indication Active port indication is standard on all wrench operated and gear operated millcentric Multiport valves


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