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Numatics Series 80

  • Manufacturer: ASCO NUMATICS
  • Valve Type: Air Preperation
  • Sub-Type:
  • Electro-pneumatic Transducer I / P , E / P - R83 Series
  • Economy Electro-pneumatic Transducer I / P , E / P - R84 Series
  • Miniature Electro-pneumatic Transducer I / P , E / P - R85 Series
  • Precision Regulators – R80 Series Standard – R82 Series High Relief
  • High Flow Precision Regulators – R880 Series Standard – R880 Series Back Pressure
  • Ratio Relay Volume Booster (Pilot Operated Precision Regulator) – R87 Series
  • Instrument Air Regulator – R89 Series


Numatics Precision Regulator products are used in Instrumentation and Industrial applications where the user requires very accurate control of pressure. These regulators are designed to constant bleed or consume a small amount of supply air thus providing a high degree of repeatability operating essentially independent of supply pressure variation. The 80 Series is also extremely sensitive compensating quickly for very small changes in output pressure, available in standard and high relief versions.


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