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Series 400 Iso-Dome

  • Manufacturer: EMERSON
  • Valve Type: Pressure Relief Valves
  • Sub-Type: Anderson Greenwood Pressure Relief Valves
  • Critical Pilot Internals and Main Valve Dome Protected from Process Media Expands the application of pilot operated valve technology.
  • Valve is Fail-safe Meets ASME code requirements.
  • Allows System Operating Pressure to be Near Set Pressure SRV tightness is maintained, resulting in greater system throughput.
  • All Adjustments are Factory Sealed Just add the clean gas supply for simple and inexpensive field installation.
  • Modulating Action Minimizes fugitive emissions, product release, product loss, and noise.
  • Valve Operation Insensitive to Back Pressure Costly and fragile metal bellows not required.
  • Unique Field Test Capability Set pressure may be verified while valve remains in service protecting the system. No system isolation valve or rupture disc required.
  • CE Mark 100% compliance with European Pressure Equipment Directive n°97/23/ EC.
  • Patent Protected


Pilot Operated, Up to 425.5 barg, -54°C - +260°C, DN 25-200


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