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Series SG

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Series SG pinch valves are operated by applying hydraulic or pneumatic pressure to the annular space surrounding the elastomeric sleeve. No external actuator is required. The Series SG has no moving parts and is maintenance free. Its split housing allows quick, easy and inexpensive replace- ment of the elastomeric sleeve. Pneumatic or hydraulic pressure must be regulated. Air supply should be approximately 20-30 PSI higher than line pressure in order to ensure full closure of the valve. Over- pressurization may cause premature failure. Primarily for on-off service, the SG valve can provide approximate flow control using a booster relay. If a vacuum condition exists in the flow line, a vacuum generator or other source can be applied to fully open the valve.

  • Manufacturer: RKL Control
  • Valve Type: Valves & Accessories
  • Sub-Type: Rkl Controls Pinch Valves
  • Long cycle life
  • Full-port opening
  • Easy installation
  • No maintenance
  • Pneumatic or hydraulic operation
  • Inexpensive sleeve replacement
  • No moving parts