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Style JQ Pressure Relief Device

  • Manufacturer: EMERSON
  • Valve Type: Pressure Relief Valves
  • Sub-Type: Crosby Pressure Relief Valves
  • Designed in collaboration with the Chlorine Institute, Inc.
  • Provides reliability and safety beyond that possible with a conventional pressure relief valve.
  • Inlet and outlet diaphragm seals effectively prevent the corrosion of internal working parts and the escape of fugitive emissions.
  • Choice of 1½” and 4" (38 and 100 mm) inlet sizes.
  • 1½” (38 mm) model equipped with a special Chlorine Institute-approved inlet flange and metal-to-metal seat.
  • Optional 1½” 300 lb ANSI raised face flange adapter and elastomer O-ring seat available for exceptional tightness.
  • 4" (100 mm) model standard with 4" 300 lb ANSI large tongue-faced inlet flange and metal seat
  • Raised-face flange available as an option.
  • Association of American Railroad Approval Nos. SRD-989034 and SRD-989035.


Designed to provide dependable overpressure protection for vessels used for the transportation and storage of chlorine and other dangerous commodities, these unique valves are in use worldwide on railroad tank cars, barges and stationary vessels.


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