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Tartarini™ CNF, CN, CF, and SV Series

  • Manufacturer: TARTARINI
  • Valve Type: Tartarini Regulators
  • Sub-Type:
  • Tube Bundle Heat Exchangers using U-Tubes (BEU)
  • Tube Bundle with Inspection Facility
  • Gas in Tubes Section, Thermal Carrier Fluid in Shell Section
  • Axial Connections in Gas Section
  • Designed for Automatic Air Escape Installation
  • Designed for Relief Valve Installation


CNF, CN, CF, and SV Series heat exchangers are sized and designed to meet a large range of system requirements, and include all connections for accessories. In the gas pressure reduction process according to the “Joule-Thomson” effect, temperature drops considerably (approximately 0.6°C / 33°F per reduction bar).This fall in gas temperature can damage the equipment due to the formation of dangerous ice crystals produced by water vapor in the gas.


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