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TESCOMâ„¢ Compact Panel

  • Manufacturer: TESCOM
  • Valve Type: Tescom Regulators
  • Sub-Type:
  • Few connections and minimized internal volume due to the integration of valves and pressure regulator in one body
  • Suitable for ECD (Electron Capture Detector) applications
  • Short purging time when changing cylinders
  • Purging with process or inert gas
  • Easy and quick to maintain - a P & ID is located on front of the panel
  • Stainless Steel mounting plate for corrosive environments
  • Very compact design (fits into most gas cabinets)
  • All versions contain a filter element in the inlet


Compact Panel is a central gas supply unit for the pressure control of analytical gases in laboratory facilities. Depending on the requirements, these units switch over to a spare cylinder in order to enable a continuous gas supply. The use of contact gauges allows the monitoring of empty gas cylinders. This product is suitable for central gas supply for the distribution of gases in laboratory applications. Ideal for supply of gases for laser cutting applications and various other processes requiring continuous gas supply.


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